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Steel Supplies is a family-owned and managed business established in 1986. We are suppliers of hot rolled, cold rolled, galvanised in coil form, sheets, and blanks to the manufacturing industry.


Situated in the Chamdor area, Gauteng, we deliver countrywide by means of our own delivery vehicles and various sub-contractors. We have a staff complement of 155 and the factory operates on a 24-hour basis 5 days a week, producing an average of 5000 tons of processed steel per month.


We carry a large range of raw material stock for continuity of supply to ensure prompt and efficient service to our clients.

We also process customers own material.


At Steel Supplies, we pride ourselves on providing a quality product and service.

What  We Supply

Hot Rolled


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Coil Form

Hot Rolled

To produce hot-rolled coils, rectangular lengths of steel called billets are heated at extremely high temperatures until they are malleable.


The billets are flattened by rolling them into long hot bands or strips, which are then coiled up into a roll and kept at a high temperature.


Finally, it's processed through a series of rollers on a hot strip mill to achieve the desired dimensions and quality.


Hot-rolled coils can be slit to various widths or cut into sheets and blanks.

Cold Rolled

Cold-rolled coils are produced from hot-rolled coils that have been pickled by immersing the coil in a solution of hydrochloric acid to remove the oxide on the surface.


The hot-rolled coils are re-rolled (reduced) to their approximate final thickness by cold reduction rolling at room temperature, whereafter they are annealed to facilitate further reduction to obtain the final thickness, hardness, and tensile strength.


The coil is slit to the desired width, whereafter it can be reslit to narrower widths as required or cut into sheets and blanks.


Galvanised coils are produced by zinc coating cold rolled coils to prevent and protect the base metal from rusting by using the hot-dip galvanising process.


Hot-dipped galvanising is available in various coating thicknesses and spangles.


Galvanised coil can be slit to various widths or cut into sheets and blanks as required.

Providing a quality product and service.

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